Burn Right VT c/o International Crysophere Climate Initiative

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Gail Stevenson


South Burlington, Vermont

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  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to disseminate information on ways to burn wood in homes more efficiently through simple “Burn Right” techniques that lessen air pollution, improve health and save money by burning less wood. Such a campaign to educate on residential wood burning is included as a recommendation in the state of Vermont's 2015 Comprehensive Energy Plan. Wood is a sustainable fuel, but it is also a carbon fuel. As wood is promoted as an alternative to fossil fuel, emissions from wood-burning have been and are expected to keep rising, with negative consequences for both climate and health. And indeed, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources GHG emissions progress report released at the end of July shows that while GHG emissions from residential/commercial/industrial sources as a whole have remained constant since 2000 (until 2015), emissions from wood fuel have increased by 350% over the same period. (Vermont Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Update: Brief, 1990-2015, p. 3).  Of course, the best alternative is to buy an EPA-certified efficient stove, but not everyone can or will do this. No matter what kind of stove you have, proper burning techniques improve efficiency and lessen emissions. However, many people are not aware of the negative aspects of inefficient wood-burning, so our aim is to educate the public so as to change behavior.