Building Legacy and Community (BLAC)

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Demetre Coles


Waterbury, Connecticut

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

Building Legacy and Community (BLAC), formerly known as Waterbury Strong Community Collective, is an organization looking to build and unify Black culture in Waterbury through celebration, education, advocacy, and leadership. Our work aims to integrate Black culture and strengthen the Black community within Waterbury and, in turn, strengthen the city overall. The Juneteenth Celebration was the very first project taken by our group. We used the event as a moral booster for the Black community and an introduction of Black culture to Waterbury, where we believe the city has lacked. Four years later, we have received countless requests to ensure that Juneteenth remains a staple in Waterbury. BLAC is committed to the expansion of Black culture in Waterbury as we recognize cultural pride is the first step in any path to economic or social advancement.