Bikeport Co-Op

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Razul Branch


Bridgeport, Connecticut

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Tax Status:

  • Bikeport Co-Op Moon Cruise Participants
  • Bikeport Bike Collection and Community Rides

Our Purpose

Our purpose isBikeport Co-op is making Bridgeport, CT a better biking community by organizing regular group rides, re-establishing an earn-a-bike program, leading bike safety and maintenance workshops, and advocating for improved bike infrastructure.We teach an empower community members on rules of the road to create a safer cycling environment for riders young and old. We help active participants develop a increasingly neccessary mechanical skill in the move to alternative means of transportation that ultimately result in healthier communitys due to the reduction of more environmental contaminents in the air and actively engaging our residents in physically active movement helping to reduce a number of cardiovascular impairments that great impact black and brown communities the most. By our incoporation of recycling and refurbishisng used bicycles of which 90 percent of our inventory consist of, we help reduce the amount of waste materials put back into the rubish and trash cycle hyper consumerism produces. Giving older used bicycles presents the opportunity to give bikes another chance at bringing joy to our community and another shot at the road.