Berwick Public Library Community Gardens

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Berwick, Maine

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  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

The Berwick Public Library Community Garden group has three big picture goals. The first is to grow organic vegetables in a sustainable manner, and to donate that fresh food to the local food pantry, to help eleviate food insecurity. All of the vegetables grown in the gardens are donated to the Somersworth/Berwick Food Pantry, which is the pantry most frequented by Berwick residents. The second goal is to continue our demonstrations at the local food pantry, sharing recipes and cooking tips for the produce we donate. This is an initiative to educate and provide ideas and options for people who might not be used to cooking healthy meals on a regular basis. Seeing, tasting, and talking with our volunteers helps to encourage pantry visitors to try new ways of preparing delicious and healthy vegetables.The third goal of the garden is to create a space of beauty where multigenerational programming can educate, inform, and inspire people of all ages to learn about gardening.  Our gardening volunteers spend many hours researching, planning, and implementing sustainable growing measures such as companion planting, attracting pollinators, soil quality and improvement, and crop rotation. We would also like to add a flower garden to hold programs in so people of all ages can enjoy and learn about the beauty of all garden types. The Berwick Public Library is the community hub for the town and this garden expands our mission beyond our four walls.