Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition

At A Glance


Cloe Chunn


Swanville, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Core volunteers:


  • Class terraria; meeting mosses
  • Netting and counting scallop spat
  • nature journaling

Our Purpose

Each year BBWC volunteers interact with middle school students to teach nature study in and out of doors. Each spring BBWC trains 20 Penobscot Bay Stewards to volunteer for conservation in the watershed. In 2023, 3 stewards wanted to learn more about nature, and volunteered to help BBWC with a newly conceptualized Merlin Club (nature club). A teacher wants to be involved, too, so we are collaborating to offer a combination in-and-after school club for grades 6-7-8.  Rationale: There is a population of teens who “go wild” and love learning trees, birds, learning mosses by name as they create terraria, drawing, writing about nature, exploring trails. They are HUNGRY for more experience of the natural world. The volunteers feel a deep commitment to make it happen.  The middle school and district are happy to provide space and time during and after school. Merlin Club will run for the first year as a pilot.   Our goal: To serve students who would rather study nature than play organized sports, do drama, etc. To offer opportunities for them to deepen their love of nature, with the hope that they will be the voice of nature in the future, in the face of climate change, land grabs, dwindling resources. To empower students to choose which nature topics to pursue and teach one another, which of various approaches to try, to collaborate to create change in policy and practices; in short, to know, love, and fight for nature.