Beech Hill Pond Watershed Survey Project 2022

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Lois Hillman


Otis, Maine

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  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

The overarching purpose of this project is to undertake the completion of a watershed survey on behalf of the local community and lake residents of Beech Hill Pond, Otis, ME. Utilizing a model of Understanding By Design (UBD), a small grassroots steering committee has set target goals to build capacity to achieve this outcome. BHP has been identified by Maine DEP as a Nonpoint Source Priority watershed, a Threatened Lake in need of protection from threats in the watershed. Survey completion is the first step required to apply for Maine DEP 319 grants. Grants match local contributions and provide the technical assistance to address and remediate problem sites. The last survey, conducted 10 years ago, and subsequent grants, resulted in 21 road and 17 residential sites being improved and over 500' of shoreline stabilized. Primarily supported by the efforts of the BHP Lake Association, matching funds of $117,000 came from the community. A group of four, the current steering committee includes the BHP Lake Association president, a road association president, stakeholder/board supervisor for Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation District (HCSWCD), and as advisor to the committee, the project manager of the Branch Lake survey. Engaging members of the previous study and capitalizing on the value of our local resources as partners and advisors will build capacity for the committee and overall project.