Beech Hill Pond Watershed Survey Project

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Lois Hillman


Otis, Maine

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  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Beech Hill Pond Watershed Survey Project, Phase 2 is to complete a Watershed Management Plan. The proposed Management Plan will utilize data gathered during the Phase 1 Watershed Survey of Beech Hill Pond’s direct watershed to guide protection efforts for the lake and surrounding community(BHP – Otis, ME).  On June 5, 2022, nine survey teams each consisting of one experienced technical lead and two/three community volunteers completed the onsite Survey.  Using a scale from one to ten, 58 Medium (5-7) and 22 High Impact sites (8-10) were identified as influencing the health/welfare of the lake, and subsequent community. BHP has been identified by Maine DEP as a Nonpoint Source Priority watershed, a Threatened Lake in need of protection from threats in the watershed.  Completing the Survey and creating a Watershed Management Plan are required steps prior to making application for Maine DEP 319 grants. 319 Grants match local contributions and provide the technical assistance to address and remediate problem sites (Phase 3). The steering committee for the project, a small group of four, continue to move forward activating state, local and community resources to bolster community awareness and protections within the watershed. The previous watershed project in 2010 resulted in 21 road and 17 residential sites being improved and over 500 feet of shoreline stabilized.