Barre Mass Window Dressers

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Barre, Massachusetts

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  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide resources / support which inevitably becomes health and wellness related because having a warm, safe home and saving money on heating costs will equate to a healthier and more peaceful mindset.   We are in a rural area of Massachusetts with not a lot of financial support for opportunities and or programs such as WindowDressers.  Our goal for our first year is to do 200 window inserts.  The goal of this group is to provide 30% of those inserts to low income, fixed income, seniors or financially challenged folks at no cost (up to 10 windows per household) per year.   We know the need is here, we know it is big and we have already had 8 inquiries for inserts and we have yet to even touch the surface of publicity. We believe that our local communities should have access to affordably priced insulated windows, and that those struggling should be able to access them at no cost.   Our team is a volunteer group made up of health & wellness practitioners, local community members and other individuals from other interested organizations.