Al Badoo Community Association of Maine

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Portland, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies

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  • Interviewing Al Badoo Community Chairman

Our Purpose

please review this video: Ch 8 interview with Al Awalei–16271354-c623-470d-9a5c-5381fe1f8964The nonprofit organization focuses its charitable and educational activities in: Developing resilience among refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants from the Al Badoo Community in order to succeed and prosper economically in life, Building friendships and interdependent relationships and promoting self-worth among youth, young adults, adults, and seniors and the elderly from the Al Badoo Community in order to deepen social well-being and expand visions for a good life, Teaching self-reliance skills to families and individuals to improve the standard of living, Enhancing opportunities for taking leadership roles in the community, in business, in politics, in government service, and in institutions of higher learning, Improving educational opportunities for all with a special focus on vocational education, trade schools, colleges, and universities, Inspiring newcomers from the Al Badoo community to integrate successfully in local affairs, Promoting aspirations for stability, growth, health and well being, and development for the community as a whole, Building intra-community relationships to prevent, control and overcome the ravages of Covid-19 and the Delta and Omicron Variants within the community. Now comes recovery and inspiration for a better future.  Our goal is to share the art of the Arabic World with you. all.