Abrams Pond Association

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Alan Hershey


Pennington, New Jersey

Primary Issue Area:

  • Land & Water

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  • Volunteer holding a card with an identifying number next to a site where obious erosion is occurring on a camp road
  • A volunteer holds a black and white secchi disk used to measure water clarity

Our Purpose

The mission of the Abrams Pond Association is to protect water quality by providing local residents with the information they need to pursue “lake-friendly” environmental practices. We mobilize residents and volunteers to identify and remediate non-point source pollution–erosion from runoff that carries excess phosphorus into Abrams Pond, a 435-acre lake in the towns of Eastbrook and Franklin in Hancock County, Maine. These efforts are aimed at reducing the risk of algal blooms which can threaten human health, severely reduce opportunities for recreation, and hurt the incomes of residents who rely on vacation rentals. Although we are a small, unincorporated group, we have worked closely with local government and with the county soil and water conservation district to get grant funding to offset the costs that property owners incur to fix camp roads and driveways and to create or restore robust natural vegetative buffers along the shoreline.  Volunteers help disseminate information about best-management practices (BMPs), write regular newsletters, and conduct outreach to residents to encourage use of BMPs.  Volunteers also conduct regular water qualiity testing, and we now find that more sophisticated testing is needed.  Our group's core volunteers have been involved with the APA for 10-15 years.