A Home 4 Everyone, Inc

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Regina Small


Boston, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies

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  • A Home 4 Everyone, Inc
  • Enjoying the views of a new home.
  • Home after a year of homelessness.

Our Purpose

A Home for Everyone is a non-profit organization founded in 2020, with a mission to combat homelessness and provide affordable housing solutions for individuals and families in need. The organization was established by a passionate founder who recognized the growing homelessness crisis in the community and decided to take action. In its early days, A Home for Everyone focused on raising awareness about the issue and advocating for policy change to address the root causes of homelessness. The organization also began finding temporary shelter and support services for homeless individuals, while working on long-term solutions. Over the years, A Home for Everyone expanded its reach and impact, partnering with local governments, businesses, and other organizations to fight for affordable housing.  The organization successfully managed a large number of clients who we were able to house successfully in affordable housing.In addition to its housing initiatives, A Home for Everyone also offers a range of support services aimed at helping residents achieve self-sufficiency and improve their overall well-being. These services include case management, job training, and financial literacy. Through its ongoing efforts, A Home for Everyone has become a respected leader in the fight against homelessness and continues to make a significant impact in the lives of those it serves.