A Home 4 Everyone, Inc

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Regina Small


Boston, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

A home 4 Everyone is a non-profit organization that specialize in helping homeless and at risk find affordable and subsidized housing in Massachusetts.  We also assist in helping families keep their tenancy or section 8 by advocating due to unfair practices they sometimes face while residing in current housing or holding a section 8 certificate.  We go the extra mile by filling out, submitting, and responding to all applications of our clients due to the excessive, tedious process of the application which can be intimidating.   Once an applicant is selected for an apartment, we make it easy on housing as well by having the client prepared with all documents needed so there’s no running around trying meet a deadline which can sometimes be missed due to information that may take time to get.  We follow thru the entire process until they get their keys in hand.