350 New Hampshire

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Dover, New Hampshire

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  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Climate change is environmental racism, climate change is a human rights crisis, and climate change is going to leave New Hampshire communities underwater.  Still our governments, local and national refuse to act. 350NH formed to fight for a just transition to locally-owned clean energy resources and to end our society’s addiction to fossil fuels. We are working to challenge the status quo of extraction and consumerism and to radically change our community’s narrative on energy and climate change.350NH is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to training and mobilizing the next generation of climate activists and leaders to address the root causes of climate change in our communities. We are run by and for the people in the communities that we serve, and seek to build the people’s climate movement from the ground up through education, training, and community building on the local level. We aim to be inclusive of all people and to center the voices of frontline and traditionally marginalized communities in our work to the best of our ability.