Make a Gift of Assets

Please join us in empowering grassroots individuals, groups and organizations - particularly those who have been left out of the mainstream - to develop their own solutions to the complex environmental and social justice issues that affect where they live. With your support we’ll continue to provide the tools, resources and connections they need to create healthy and sustainable communities that are better for both people and the planet.
Planned giving usually falls into one of three categories:
  1. Outright gifts utilizing appreciated assets instead of cash. Your donation of stocks, bonds, or real estate enables you to avoid capital gains tax while still being able to claim a tax deduction for the asset’s full value. Plus, donating an appreciated asset allows you to make a meaningful gift without affecting your household cash flow. 
  2. Gifts that guarantee income or other financial benefits to the donor in return for their donation. Some examples include: a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder annuity which provide income to you while making a significant gift to us; a charitable lead trust which makes payments to us for a number of years with the remainder of the principal going back to you or your heirs; or naming us as a beneficiary in a retirement plan, a donation that is exempt from federal estate and income tax and which allows you to continue to take withdrawals during your lifetime. 
  3. Gifts that are distributed after the donor passes away. Bequests are perhaps the simplest form of gift planning: you name us in your will or living trust by designating a specified amount or a share of the estate’s residue. The gift costs you nothing during your lifetime and will be fully exempt from federal estate tax. 
Please consult your financial planner on these and other planned giving options. 
We’d love to discuss planned giving with you! Please contact Julia Dundorf, Executive Director by email or at 603 905 9915.