Fiscal Sponsorships

The Grassroots Fund provides fiscal sponsor services to current grantee groups. The Fund does not offer administrative support (things like payroll or 1099 processing) beyond the grant. All fiscal sponsor relationships end on February 15th with the option to renew if both parties are satisfied. Fiscal sponsors are required to submit a report on the previous year’s funding by January 31st. The Grassroots Fund submits a full overview on all donations from the previous calendar year by January 15. Throughout the year, the Grassroots Fund distributes funds once each month and will include a transaction report with each disbursement. Where possible, transaction reports will include contact information for donors to ensure the group can send personal thank you’s and build relationships.

Why do we offer this?

The majority (55%) of our applicants in the last 4 years are ‘ad hoc’. Not having a tax-exempt status, these groups are limited in their ability to raise additional funds beyond the Grassroots Fund’s support. By offering a fiscal sponsor option, based on an established grantor-grantee relationship through our existing program, we expand the resources that are available to local groups. This fits in directly with our core value of lowering barriers to funding and helps groups go beyond our grant program and establish a more sustainable donor base.

To whom do we offer this?

Our fiscal sponsor program prioritizes groups that do not have any paid staff and that have a total organizational budget under $25,000. Once groups are raising more than that amount, it starts making sense to explore incorporation (annual fiscal sponsor fees start matching the cost for incorporation). The Fund generally does not offer continued fiscal sponsorship beyond a three year term. 

How do I start the process?

First, take a moment to review our fiscal sponsor policy and fiscal sponsor FAQ page. Please know that the Grassroots Fund has limited capacity to act as fiscal sponsor. To start the process, we therefor ask that you fill out a short online application by clicking the button below.  Once submitted, we will follow up to discuss the request.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

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