Although the Fund’s roots and reputation are based on our small grants program, our work has not only evolved to support grassroots organizers - the people - beyond 'just' dollars, it is now deeply rooted in the belief, based on experience, that we alone can not fully service the ‘roots.’ 

In fact, the Fund has come to understand and embrace that Connecting for Impactful Local Action means we have a responsibility to call on other organizations/programs working on food systems, climate change, New Economy and sustainability solutions - focused on their state or sub-state level geographies - to come together, share lessons and best practices. And to think strategically about how we together will provide even stronger and more effective tools and support for the community-based elements of the energy, climate change, food and broader sustainability movement.

In this section, you can learn more about the collaboratives that influence our work.  Click on the links to learn more about:

  • Partner Organizations: colleague groups offering resources and support to community volunteer efforts across the region and throughout various issues areas.
  • Facilitating: networks where the Grassroots Fund is actively participating as a (co-)facilitator, helping to convene groups and setting agendas to move collective work forward.
  • Participating: networks where Grassroots Fund staff is joining in dicussions around topics ranging from a regional (New England) food vision to the development of a collective vision on a 'new economy'.