Trend Reports & Catalyst Conversations

The Grassroots Fund works with our grantees and partner organizations to identify opportunities and challenges at the grassroots level so that we can build a deeper understanding of the shifting grassroots landscape and better respond to emerging needs. We share these trends through reports and online webinars as part of our democratic grant-making process to provide applicants, Grant Reviewers, and Grant Making Committee members with up to date context on the grassroots landscape within which we work. This context setting allows any individual to join the grant making process and to bing their own unique experience and perspective, while also ensuring that all Grant Reviewers have a common basis of understanding. We welcome all grassroots organizers, non-profit organizations, funders, and policy makers to share their voice in the development of these reports as well as to utilize the information to inform their programming.

Join The Conversation!  

We glean information for trend reports through online surveys and interactive conversations. Grassroots Fund Grantees are required to complete an issue area survey and participate in either a Catalyst Call or Catalyst Conversation 6-12 months from the date of their award as part of their grant report. Surveys and Catalyst Conversation events are open to the public.

Action 1: Take the Issue Area Survey that aligns with your work:

Action 2: Participate In An In-Person Catalyst Conversation:

  • Maine - Stay tuned for the event in Winter 2018
  • Rhode Island - Stay tuned for the event in Summer 2018

Action 3: Participate In A Catalyst Call: (For Grassroots Fund Grantees Only)

For more information please contact Leigh Cameron at [email protected].