Partner Resources

The Grassroots Fund works with partner organizations to share how our grants and training programs can be leveraged to support their missions and activities. We recognize that no one message about our resources will resonate with all stakeholders and the variety of community organizers that are working hard to improve their communities, including those that don’t self-identify as community organizers. For example, we welcome partner organizations to develop their own calls for proposals that align with the Grassroots Fund’s minimum Eligibility Guidelines and Guiding Values using language that will speak to their specific constituents.

Check out our Partner Packet to find out more ways we hope to support your work! We see this as a working document and we welcome your comments and suggestions here on how to both improve this resource as well as additional ways that partnerships could be beneficial to your work. Thank you in advance for your input!

If your network or organization is interested in partnering with the Grassroots Fund please contact Leigh Cameron at [email protected]