How to Apply

  • REGISTER with the site if you haven’t already - LOG IN if you are already registered.
  • CLICK on Show Action Center in the top-right corner
  • CHECK to see if your group is already in our database - if it is, select to Join the Group, if it isn't, register your group with the site.

  • CHOOSE between applying for a Seed or a Grow grant (note that you need to be part of a group to start an application - if you are part of multiple groups, make sure to choose the correct Application button just below the intended group).

  • RETURN to an open application (if you have already started one but it has not yet been submitted) or start a new one
  • COMPLETE all questions and both sections (group information and project information)

  • SAVE your draft application regularly and before you log out

  • MAKE SURE the application is complete (a green dot next to each question indicates completion)

  • CLICK the Submit Application button when all info is complete (note that this button only appears once all fields have information - if you don't see a submit button, there is information missing)

  • CHECK your email for a confirmation email that explains next steps

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point during the application process with questions. We are also available to provide feedback on a draft application.