Rooted Solutions: Building Solutions within Your Community Context

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This Community of Practice will focus on identifying and incorporating community context into your work. We will take deeper looks into asset and power mapping as strategies for considering your community context and the strengths that exist within your community. We will also consider strategies and processes for creating and deepening community relationships. 

Learning objectives:

  • To better understand why including community context in design and decision making for your work matters;
  • To determine how community context affects local, grassroots engagement;
  • To re-think your project/work with community context in mind;
  • To collaborate! To learn from the shared wisdom of the group and create a community of support that will go beyond these calls.

Some questions we will address:

  • How can a broader representation of the community be engaged in my work? 
  • How can I expand the groups I am working with?
  • How much of my work is driven by community interests, needs, requests?
  • How do I check in to ensure the work is equitable and generated by the community itself?

Registration is now closed

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Diana Fontaine