New England New Economy Fund

The New England New Economy Fund was founded to support the needs of the local movement for a new economy in New England by: a) fueling the activity of local groups with direct grant funding to support community-based projects, programs and leaders; b) ensuring the sustainability of local efforts by providing skills-building opportunities and technical assistance; and c) building the capacity of local groups by supporting an emerging learning community of local groups through gatherings and network-building activities. The Fund is a collaboration of New England Grassroots Environment Fund and the New England New Economy (NET) program of Institute for Policy Studies, on behalf of the local, state and regional initiatives working to build a new economy. 

Action is needed now in New England and beyond to ensure that residents have continued access to livelihoods, food, health care, transportation, energy, and other basic needs. Action is also needed to adapt to the “new normal”; that is, a world characterized by more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, higher costs of energy, resource shortages, and financial instability. 

Across the region, hundreds of local initiatives are taking on the task of building community resilience and shaping a new economy that works for their community. As a web of networked, locally-rooted economies grows, support for the grassroots groups creating these building blocks is essential. Whether it is crafting an community education series, keeping a big box store off their main street, starting a time bank, creating mutual aid networks, starting up a cooperative business, or circulating a local currency, community groups are finding myriad ways to come together in the face of economic uncertainty created by an unjust global economy. They are resisting the forces of globalization and building viable economic alternatives that are based in renewed relationships with each other and the earth.

Fueled by volunteer time, collaboration, and a shared vision, these groups are deeply motivated and committed to building the next economy that benefits all neighbors, not just those with privilege. These groups are finding ways to bridge divides of race, class, and language in their communities, and many are inspired by the insight that equity is intrinsic to true resilience. 

Examples of New Economy Work

A Community Offering Community

The JP Time Exchange (JPTE) is a time exchange engaging a diverse cross-section of neighbors in valuable exchanges, that are also a fun way to build relationships and community in Jamaica Plain, MA.

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Repair, Reuse, Reduce

Most of us own something that falls into the “they just don’t make ‘em like that anymore" category. Unfortunately, “they” also don’t fix those anymore, either. Well, except at the CT Repair Cafe.

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