New Haven Climate Movement Climate Action Planning

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Grow Grant

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Climate Change & Energy


New Haven



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Over the next 9 months NHCM will: • Work with the City to update the New Haven Climate Action Plan (CAP) including drafting a plan this spring and organizing community stakeholder consultation meetings. The CAP will also prioritize GHG reduction actions that have co-benefits like cutting energy costs for families i.e., through home energy efficiency) and improving public health (i.e., using more active transportation or better diets), etc. NHCM will work with lead organizations involved in transportation, housing, waste reduction, schools, business, parks, water, etc., to form working groups to draft sections of the plan, and then bring these drafts to broader stakeholder meetings for feedback and then work with the City for inclusion in the CAP. We see this process as essential to engaging a broader cross segment of New Haven in climate change work and in mobilizing these groups to support implementation. The Roosevelt Institute at Yale (a student lead policy think tank) has committed to help NHCM draft the plan and pull together draft sections from the various lead organizations mentioned above. Engaging local organizations and faith institutions in this CAP drafting effort as they will need to be key players in supporting policy development, project implementation, and behavior change campaigns. • Educate elected leaders and the public about the need for increased City support for greenhouse gas emission reductions, which will be needed to implement projects in the CAP. This will include mobilizing citizens and organizations, meeting with Alders and City officials, public outreach events, and media work. • Organize public educational actions to build energy and awareness of the climate change threat. NHCM efforts will be participatory, fun, creative (using art and theater), and encourage people and institutions to learn more about climate change and take action. They will also invite people to join NHCM.

Describe how your program(s) minimize community carbon footprints:

The New Haven Climate Movement (NHCM) members came together to do public education on climate change and push for policies to support greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and public health improvements. So far NHCM has been building its membership, deciding on strategy, and organizing public actions. These have included the Alien Planet public art installation in October 2015, and the 12 Days of Xmas Fossil Fuels educational events in December 2015, which invited a number of local groups to each plan pubic events on climate justice, the Paris climate talks, and intergenerational justice. NHCM also organized a 33 organization sign on letter calling for the City to update its 2004 Climate Action Plan (CAP). The City later agreed to begin the planning process. NHCM also organized a Launch Party in March 2016 to bring residents together to envision a climate friendly future in New Haven. NHCM will be working ongoing with other grassroots climate change efforts to mobilize residents, including Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge (invites organizations and residents to take specific steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20% and improve public health), and the Climate Arts Collective, which uses social marketing and public art to promote awareness of the threat of climate change and encourage action. The outreach work related to the development of the CAP will also invite residents and organizations to use Healthy City/Healthy Climate Challenge resources to take immediate action in their organizations and at home to reduce carbon emissions.

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