Stock/Bond Gifts

Your Stock Gift Benefits You and the Grassroots Fund!

Why Donate Stocks?  It’s a great way to support grassroots action without affecting your cash or day-to-day income.

3 Great Reasons to Make a Securities (Stocks, Bonds, etc.) Gift to the Grassroots Fund:

  1. Your stock donation provides you with the same federal income tax deduction as a cash gift, given the Grassroots Fund is a tax exempt 501(c)3.
  2. If your stock gift has gained value since your purchase, you don’t need to pay the 15% capital gains tax with a donation that you’re responsible for with a sale.  AND you can still deduct the full value of the stock at the time of donation on your next federal income taxes.
  3. Giving stock is a wonderful way to give an additional gift to the Grassroots Fund without affecting your household cash flow.

Take advantage of a 2016 stock gift tax deduction, email Julia Dundorf or call at 603-905-9915.

Please consult your financial planner for additional details on the benefits of stock donations.