Open call to present

**The open-call to present has not quite opened yet - please check back soon.**


The Grassroots Fund is seeking grounded organizers, educators, nonprofits, and sustainable businesses to facilitate workshops for the RootSkills Spring Workshop.

RootSkills aims to connect community organizers, students, businesses and nonprofits working to address social justice challenges and improve community health, community resilience, and the environment across New England. The RootSkills Spring Workshop will bring together over 100 individuals committed to creating a sustainable future. RootSkills endeavors to present the work of a broad range of partner organizations that highlight trends, best practices and solutions-oriented tools.

Presenter Responsibilities:

  • Have expertise in topic presented, and able to provide high quality educational workshop based on the outlined learning objectives;
  • Deliver a presentation that equips participants with information, skills, or tools they can bring back to their work;
  • Deliver interactive, engaging session that include small group discussions, to discuss opportunities and challenges;
  • Avoid self-promotion, such as any “sales” or “marketing” techniques;
  • Make materials presented during the workshop available to all participants; and
  • Attend one webinar training prior to event, to be hosted by Grassroots Fund staff.

Speaker Compensation: The Grassroots Fund works to raise funds each year to make the RootSkills Training Series as accessible to all as possible and we strive to compensate speakers/presenters for their time and wisdom. We offer each workshop slot a $300 honorarium (if not part of regular, paid professional work), free conference pass and travel compensation up to $50 based on mileage. 

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