Support for Regional Organizing & Collaborating for Collective Impact

The Grassroots Fund recognizes the intersectionality of environmental, social justice, and economic issues and stands in solidarity with allies across these movements. We facilitate connections across environmental issue areas within the grassroots ecosystem, assist local groups with taking a “whole community approach” - ensuring people with diverse lived experiences can meaningfully co-create local projects - and work with “grasstops” partners to identify and address systemic issues by participating in various networks and sharing trend reports.

At the Grassroots Fund, we believe that a “Whole Community Approach” is critical to creating systemic change. We see this as an approach whereby groups recognize the interconnectedness of issues facing their community and engage all community stakeholders to co-create integrated, holistic solutions that meet the needs of the diversity of community members.

As a non-profit organization, we strive to model this approach by engaging “grasstops” environmental and social services organizations across New England in the design and implementation of our trainings and grant programs. We hope that all New England residents can see themselves in our programming and we strive to meet the needs of both groups that are directly identifying as “environmentally-focused” as well as those that are motivated by other needs but are still supporting community resilience.  

We have found that this approach enables groups and organizations to continue to focus on their missions, while allowing them to find ways to align and engage each other when relevant to maximize collective efforts and to stand in solidarity on issues that are critical to all of our social and environmental sustainability.

Specifically we do this through:

  • Trend Reports & Catalyst Conversations

  • Partner Funding Opportunities
  • Network Participation